United Sports Academy

Basketball 1 vs 1 Tournament - December 17 2022


1 vs 1 Tournament Information

  • 8 baskets
  • 7 Divisions

    • Grades 5-8 = Youth

    • Grades 9-12 = High School

    • Adult= College +

  • Guarantee of 5 Games 


Tournament Rules


1. First player listed will shoot for the ball at the start of each game.

2. Each game will be to 9 points or 5 minutes long. Player must win by only one point.

3. Players score either by one point (inside the 3 point arc) or by two points (outside the 3 point arc).

4. After a basket has been scored or a foul called, a player must put the ball in play at the three- point line above the foul key.

5. All held balls will be put into play behind the three-point line with possession given alternately to each player.

6. On defensive rebounds or steals, a player must clear the three-point line before a basket may be attempted. Once across the line, they do not have to pass the ball before shooting.

7. After a basket, the player scored upon will put the ball in play.

8. Fouls will be called by defensive players. Any call can be overturned by the court monitor. 

9. All foul results in one shot. If fouled inside the three-point arc the free throw is worth 1 point. If fouled outside the three-point arc on a shot, free throw is worth 2 points. Make or miss the defense will get the next possession at the top of the key above the 3 point line.

10. If the game ends in a tie after regulation, next player to score wins the game. Possession in OT will be determined by the first player listed shooting for ball.



  • This is meant to be a competitive but fun tournament atmosphere so the athletes will coach themselves.


  • Each court will have United Coaches & Directors acting as court monitors and there will be a score-keeping team. We expect good sportsmanship to be shown by calling your own fouls.
  • Concessions will be available.



  • All players are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Any player displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be given a verbal warning from the tournament director.
  • A second offense will cause the player to be ejected from the game and the individual will forfeit the rest of their games.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Sheila Adams

Director of Basketball Operations